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C R I S T I N A   A R A G O N 

Originally from Mexico, Cristina Aragon is an Intuitive-Reiki Practitioner and Sound Healer, based in Los Angeles, California.  At an early age, she was exposed to Curanderismo and witnessed many healing ceremonies performed on her loved ones. Revering the spiritual richness of her culture, Cristina began integrating natural remedies into her life, making space for her own healing journey to take place. 

Cristina’s connection to the Earth is evidenced in her natural creations and sacred bone crafting. She enjoys incorporating instruments, whistles, and her flute, Willow, into her healing sessions along with candle magic work, thus transmitting the vibration of music + sound and earth-based healing to those she works with. Devoted to her own healing journey, Cristina began working with candles as a form of healing, and through positive results, she soon realized it was something she wanted to share with others, leading to the birth of Curandera Botanicals.


 Passionate about being of service to the world, Cristina’s goal is to spread light and encourage others to become aware of their own healing abilities. Cristina is here to transform herself endless times in order to execute her mission here on Earth by offering healing in all forms around the world.


O U R    I N T E N T I O N 

Our purpose is to not only bring enjoyment through our natural scents but for our candles to serve as a sacred tool to be incorporated into your daily rituals and routine. Holistically, Curandera Botanicals only hopes to help bring feelings of calmness, peace, and joy as you manifest your soul's desires into physical form through daily ritual.

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